NHVAS Maintenance


The aim of the Maintenance Management module is to enable accredited operators to use auditable processes to demonstrate that their vehicles are maintained in a roadworthy condition.

Operators accredited under Maintenance Management are exempted from annual vehicle inspections (in States where this requirement applies) and are normally subject to a reduced incidence of roadside checks of vehicle condition.


NHVAS Maintenance Management Accreditation

  • An National Transport Commission (NTC) initiative.
  • A Federal Government approved Accreditation Scheme.
  • NHVAS is a voluntary alternative to conventional enforcement with significant commercial benefits.
  • Operators participating in the module must be able to demonstrate that their heavy vehicles & trailers are continuously maintained in a roadworthy condition.
  • Administered by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR)
  • Add and subtract vehicles as required.

Do you know the real cost of your fleet vehicles attending government inspection stations for annual inspections:

  • Downtime and income loss
  • Inspection attendances
  • Annual inspection fees

Effective & monitored alternative compliance will eliminate State Authority annual inspections for your accredited and compliant vehicles & trailers.


Benefits of having your Heavy Vehicles NHVAS Maintenance Accredited

  • Safer & more reliable vehicles attract better work contracts and better drivers
  • Effective daily checks by drivers reduce the number of breakdowns & downtime and increase reliability and productivity
  • Supporting documentary evidence of the vehicles’ maintenance history for a better re-sale value.
  • Supporting documentary evidence of maintenance activities in the event of an accident or incident
  • Assisting OH&S compliance with documented proof of improved risk management.
  • NHVAS accreditation gives your operation the competitive advantage over your opposition when applying for work contracts.
  • Exemption from annual regulatory pit inspections reduces down time & lost productivity.
  • Assists with the DOTARS requirements (from 1st July 2006) for claiming of the diesel rebate (fuel tax credits) for eligible commercial vehicles with engines built pre 1st Jan 1996.


Click on the NHVR logo to read the Maintenance Management Accreditation Guide.


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