NHVAS Mass Management


The aim of the Mass Management module is to enable accredited operators the use of auditable load control systems to demonstrate that mass regulations are met on a consistent basis.

Operators accredited in the Mass Management module can access additional mass concessions. These concessions allow vehicles to operate at Concessional Mass Limits (CML) for general access to the road network.

These are the key benefits of Mass Management;

  • Flexibility when loading – Increased and defined maximum weights for axles, and axle groups, enabling greater flexibility when loading
  • Extra payload capability – Extra payload means extra income
  • The edge over competition – Mass Accreditation gives your company the competitive advantage when applying for or tendering for work contracts
  • No additional access restrictions on CML
  • Suspension Maintenance – Operators participating in the module must be able to demonstrate their heavy vehicles & trailers are continuously maintained in a roadworthy condition
  • Minimum of additional paperwork – Add and subtract vehicles as required
  • Minimum set up & accreditation time – We have the experience and systems to ease you through the accreditation process
  • A transitional move towards HML –  CML is a prerequisite for Higher Mass Limits (HML)



Vehicle operators that wish to take up higher mass limits must be accredited into the NHVAS Mass Management module.   Operators and drivers must be able to present evidence to authorised officers that their vehicle is eligible to carry higher mass limits, i.e.:

  • that it is fitted with a certified road-friendly suspension system;
  • that the vehicle has the correct specifications and GCM capability;
  • that there is an NHVAS  ‘Accredited Operator’ label fixed to the right-hand side of the driver’s cabin

Note:  NSW & QLD  require operators to enroll & participate in the IAP Program for HML


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